Terms & Conditions – Animate Access – Competition


Understanding Accessibility

Before you begin, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with accessibility in the context of people with disabilities:

  • EMA Website: Explore the Enable Make Access (EMA) website to gain a deeper understanding of accessibility concepts.
  • HGSS Document: Refer to the Harmonized Guidelines and Space Standards for Accessibility in built in environment Urban Development (HGSS) document for specific guidelines and standards. This document can likely be found on government websites.
  • Enable Make Access YouTube Channel: Watch animations on the Enable Make Access YouTube channel to see examples and get inspiration.

The Challenge:

Create animations for the following four categories:

  1. Upto 10 seconds – explanatory gifs showing accessibility feature details such as door handles, ramp surfaces etc. (previously established) 2. Upto 30 seconds – explanatory functionality gifs showing interaction between Person With Disability and the accessibility feature to explaining the purpose of the feature ie a wheelchair user on a ramp. (previously established) 3. Upto 2 minutes – story of accessibility ie a character trying to lead a Normal life but due to inaccessible infrastructure they are excluded. Show the accessibility solution and how it improves their lives. (previously established)
  2. Character illustration/animation (up to 1 minute): * Characters: You can choose one of the following characters to illustrate or animate, showcasing their core traits and personality: * Rani: A young girl with dyslexia. * Mr. Patel: A dedicated but uninformed teacher. * Officer Singh: A well-meaning but clumsy police officer. * Mr. Kapoor: A power-hungry town planner. * Archana: A talented but impractical architect. * The Family: A family navigating life with a son who has a hidden disability. * Objective: Illustrate or animate the chosen character in a way that effectively represents their core traits and personality. You can incorporate them into a scenario related to accessibility, highlighting their strengths and struggles, or simply showcase them in their everyday lives.