Accessibility Solutions

Every aspect of inclusion is covered by us.  From broadening your management’s practical and legal awareness of the subject to training your employees with disabilities so that they can reach their full potential, be highly valued and productive.

Digital Accessibility

Web Accessibility symbol of EMA
Accessible computing for Visually Impaired

The first interactions any PwD will have with your company is usually by the information you put on your website, social media and possibly mobile apps. Your web page should be accessible to the visually impaired.  Pictures need alternative text describing what is in the picture.

 All of these interactions have the potential to be enhanced to make the functionality and experience for your employees and PwD to become more effective and inclusive. Also, they might meet your employees or find out about your company through your CSR activities.

Physical Infrastructure Accessibility Standards

Brief Reference Sheets, Certified Training, and Sensitisation Webinars.

We provide datasheets, which explain in a brief format, the main points in each area of infrastructure standards on this website. Our online courses on accessibility standards syllabus provide comprehensive coverage of all the building standards required. For any institution that wants to sensitize its staff or introduce its students to this subject, we can conduct presentations in lecture format or interactive group discussions.


What is Infrastructure Accessibility

Every building has entrances and facilities that may contain “barriers” for PwD.

  • Steps are a barrier to a wheelchair user.
  • Steps without handrails are a hazard to those with visual impairment.
  • Handrails are an important aid and a safety feature especially for those who have walking/climbing difficulties.
  • PwD who use walking aids or wheelchairs will have difficulties in most toilet facilities unless these are properly accessible as per the standards.

In some countries, you will find that nearly every building has all the mitigations in place as standard. India’s national building regulations having all the necessary clauses in then standards since 2002 however most buildings do not have these features.

Establishment Survey/Audits

We can provide a report complete with practical solutions based upon a comprehensive survey. Our personnel will record all the relevant measurements and observations regarding potential issues. We know the standards well and we can provide systematic and comprehensive solutions to your accessibility requirements.

Remote Assistance for Self Audits

EMA has all the tools from the checklist, data sheets and drawing layouts and examples to guide your own team or contractors towards a pragmatic solution for your accessibility requirements. With web meetings and even enrolling in our training course, we can provide exactly what you need for successful compliance avoiding exposure to consequences of sanctions for non-compliance.

Image of an accessible toilet commode with wrongly provided fixed handrails on either side of toilet.
Wrong handrails can be worse than no handrails.
An image of a well arranged accessible toilet commode with all the correct grabe rails.
Correctly arranged toilets provide relief for PwD


Training Courses for Accessibility Standards

Basic condensed information on the standards is now available on our page of accessibility explainer datasheets… These cover all the basics of infrastructure accessibility. Each sheet covers a separate subject such as; Laws and Infrastructure Guidances, Alighting Points, and Accessible Routes, Parking, Ramps, Stairs, Toilets, Lifts, and Signage. Apart from this free basic information, we provide webinars tailored to your needs and certificate courses on infrastructure accessibility. For those who wish to use their expertise professionally, we provide an examination-based certificate course.

PAICE – Progressive Accessibility & Inclusion Certificates for Establishments

A portrait orientated plaque with 9 circles in three columns, three rows.  Each circle has a icon in the middle and a heading underneath.  The headings are 1. Management sensitisation, 2.HR, HSE Mission Statement, 3. Website App and literature, 4. Parking, Routes and Entrances, 5. Ramps and Steps, 6. Toilet, Baths and Changing Rooms, 7. Lift and Escalator, 8. Work station and Accomodation, 9. Eatery, Shop, Gym, Pool, Hall
A progressive accessibility certification document.

A living document reflecting your organisation’s progressive steps towards accessibility and inclusion achievements.

Our establishment accessibility certificate is in the form of a “living” document that follows your establishment’s progress towards greater accessibility and inclusion. 

This is provided both as a physical plaque at your physical location and as a virtual plaque that can be accessed via a link on your website or in your social media account.

It will be updated on your request whenever your establishment has made another step in the path towards accessibility and inclusion.  This is supported by a digitally signed electronic version for use on websites and for printing (using QR codes for linking).

We can do a survey of your business from your web pages, and signage to every aspect of physical accessibility. 

Our certificate clearly represents your organisation’s real achievements.  More importantly, the program of assessment gives you a systematic and pragmatic schedule of mitigations to achieve increasing levels of accessibility and inclusion for Persons With Disabilities.

Accessibility Standards Datasheets/Guides

A Datasheet is a resource document created at Enable Me Access to understand accessibility features and guidelines for every element of infrastructure in a perceivable and robust way.


Cover of AS.01.02 Alighting Point & Approach to Building P1
AS.01.02 Alighting Point & Approach to Building P1

Laws and Standards
Alighting Points
Steps and Stairways

Accessibility Routes

Training Courses for Accessibility Standards Awareness

Many different training documents are displayed in a collage form.  standards explainer Datasheets, drawing layout type explainers, screen capture of tests etc.
EMA LMS Accessibility and Inclusion Course

We provide courses on physical accessibility that can be pitched at any level of student from school kids up to accessibility trainers and professionals. These are the subjects of the material that are available:

Accessibility Facilities

  • AS.01.00 Laws and Standards
  • AS.01.01 Site Information
  • AS.01.02 Employee Sensitisation & Etiquette
  • AS.01.03 Alighting Points and Pathways
  • AS.01.04 Parking
  • AS.01.05 Ramps
  • AS.01.06 TGSI Tactile Ground Surface Indicators
  • AS.01.07 Toilets
  • AS.01.08 Lifts
  • AS.01.09 Steps and Stairs
  • AS.01.10 Signs

Accessibility Features

  • AS.02.01 Surfaces on Floors, Walkway, and Ramps
  • AS.02.02 Handrails
  • AS.02.03 Doors
  • AS.02.04 Washbasins
  • AS.02.05 Controls
  • AS.02.06 Commode
  • AS.02.07 Thresholds and SS Level Change
  • AS.02.08 Mirrors
  • AS.02.09 TGSI Tactile Ground Surface Indicators
  • AS.02.10 Ergonomics (workspace, furniture, etc)

Establishment Types

  • AS.03.01 Educational Establishments
  • AS.03.02 Hospitals and Clinics
  • AS.03.03 Mixed Commercial
  • AS.03.04 Transport Hubs
  • AS.03.05 Auditorium and Sports Facilities
  • AS.03.06 Hotels/Hostels & other Accommodation