Animate Access – Competition

EMA Accessibility and Inclusion Animation Competition

Do you dream of using animation to champion accessibility and inclusion? 

We believe animation has the unique ability to break down barriers and celebrate diversity. Whether you’re a seasoned animator or just starting out, the EMA Accessibility and Inclusion Animation Competition welcomes you! We’re excited to see your creative visions for a more inclusive world, so grab your tools, and let’s get animating!


What are we looking for?

Ready to turn your animation dreams into reality? Here’s how the EMA Accessibility and Inclusion Animation Competition works:

  • Unleash your creativity: Craft an original animated short film (specific length requirements can be found on the competition website) that explores the theme of accessibility and inclusion. Think outside the box! How can animation break down barriers and celebrate diversity?
  • Submission is easy: Head over to the official competition website (link to be provided) to submit your entry. Be sure to follow the submission guidelines carefully, which include deadlines and technical specifications for your animation.
  • Shine bright! A panel of esteemed judges from the animation and accessibility communities will be on the lookout for originality, storytelling impact, and a clear connection to the competition theme. Finalists will be announced, with the winning animation receiving recognition and exciting prizes!


The EMA Accessibility and Inclusion Animation Competition is open to everyone who can produce good quality animation. No limitations for gender, religion, age or any other box… we are here for inclusion. Just provide your best effort and if it is useful towards our content creation goals we will reward you.   Remember this could lead to commission of many more animations. Whether you’re a seasoned animator with years of experience or a passionate beginner just starting your animation journey, this competition is for you!

In essence, as long as you have a passion for animation and a story to tell that celebrates accessibility and inclusion, you’re eligible to participate!

For any further questions drop in your queries to

The EMA Accessibility and Inclusion Animation Competition

Starts on
April 6, 2024.

The deadline is
April 21, 2024

Winners will be announced on
April 26, 2024


  1. Accessibility Feature Detail:
    Up to 15 seconds – explanatory gifs showing accessibility feature details such as door handles, ramp surfaces etc. (previously established).
    1. 1st Prize Rs 10,000
    2. 2nd Prize Rs 7,500
  2. Accessibility Feature Explanation:
    Up to 30 seconds – explanatory functionality showing interaction between Person With Disability and the accessibility feature explaining the purpose of the feature i.e. a wheelchair user on a ramp. (previously established).
    1. 1st Prize Rs 15,000
    2. 2nd Prize Rs 12,500
  3. Accessibility Story:
    Up to 2 minutes – story of accessibility i.e. a character trying to lead a Normal life but due to inaccessible infrastructure they are excluded. Show the accessibility solution and how it improves their lives. (previously established).
    1. 1st Prize Rs 20,000
    2. 2nd Prize Rs 15,000
  4. Character illustration/animation (up to 1 minute): * Characters: You can choose one of the following characters to illustrate or animate, showcasing their core traits and personality: * Rani: A young girl with dyslexia. * Mr. Patel: A dedicated but uninformed teacher. * Officer Singh: A well-meaning but clumsy police officer. * Mr. Kapoor: A power-hungry town planner. * Archana: A talented but impractical