2019 – just 3 years to get all public spaces accessible!!!

Toilet at Ahmedabad Airport – Impossible to make Lateral Transfer due fixed grab bars

A few days ago I travelled with my wife to Kerala for a holiday. Not a single part of that journey went smoothly except the parts fully under our control. From insensitivity and lack of awareness of procedures at airline check-in to, to the same in CISF security, to airport toilet accessible facilities, we faced endless barriers that needed to be overcome.

When we reached the hotel it was the same again. Wrong heights of beds , toilets and lack of proper access to certain places. Ramps and steps without handrails!


We need to keep making complaints and suggestions until things improve. It was nice to see that the new Kochi airport had tactile tiling but that the tactile tiling was not properly arranged was disappointing. Warning blocks at intersections should be more than one tile. At least 4 tiles are required to provide sufficient width for full foot contact.

Kochi Airport – warning tiles at direction changes should be more than one tile.

Kochi Airport – Long slope without handrails and too steep (5.8°). No TGSI at top or bottom. Doorway directly onto ramp.
Wrong angle. This ramp should be 1:12 (4.8° angle).




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