E-Heritage Walk: Tour the Churches of Fatehgunj

EMA came up with a fantastic initiative called Inclusion Avatars. This allows people who can’t physically attend events to participate virtually. Think of the Inclusion Avatar as a helpful assistant who takes questions for those joining online through a live video link. It essentially creates a virtual bridge between those at the event and those watching remotely. Now, people who might be isolated due to disabilities or other limitations can still be part of the excitement! This can be used for all sorts of events, from family gatherings to concerts and cultural celebrations.


Following this on March 23rd, 2024 the Heritage Trust hosted a two-hour special tour commemorating the sacred season of Lent. This tour explored the cultural heritage of Fatehgunj, with its enchanting history of the churches narrated by the Church Pastors themselves. 


EMA, in collaboration with the Heritage Trust, introduced “E-Heritage Walk,” allowing participants with limited mobility or physical disabilities to tour the churches of Fatehgunj online for an immersive, inclusive, and accessible experience.